The name of the Association – Kinookus – implies a thematic conjunction of food and film and the development of aesthetic taste for beauty and good, for the art of film and for art in general. Kinookus also means education in the sense of awakening and refining the senses for rare and forgotten tastes (aesthetic and gastronomic), especially those that are in danger of becoming extinct in a globalized, homogenous world. 


The Association Kinookus in its ideas and projects is guided by the principles of non-violence, careful observation and understanding of the territory where it is active. Therefore, the most important emphasis is placed upon the education of youth and preservation of the uniqueness of Dubrovnik area, its location spirit (genius loci). Encouraging curiosity and openness towards others and different as well as respect for life in all its forms is deeply rooted in all the projects of the Kinookus Association.