Cabbage, Potatoes and Other Demons


Director: Șerban Georgescu

Kupus krumpir i drugi demoni

1 village, 1.000 tractors, 100.000 tons of cabbage & potatoes each year – which are hardly sold and eventually destroyed. Is there any way out? In the Romanian village of Lunguletu, 1000 farmers on their tractors sit on 100.000 tons of cabbage in the local market, waiting for customers. At the end of the day they either sell for nothing or destroy their crops. Intrigued by getting 1 ton of cabbage for just EUR 20 townie Şerban decides to spend one year in the village and work the land, to see why these people got into a deadlock and if there is a way out. The Mayor and some villagers have ideas and possible solutions. But can they overcome the farmers mistrusting each other, their fear of a “collective farm” and the powerful urge to compete?