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The sixth annual Kinookus Food Film Festival will be held this year in Ston from 3 to 6 September with the central theme of Bread and Spirit. All sections of this year’s festival will engage with the spiritual dimension of food, its symbolism in everyday life, and its role in rituals and festivities.

As announced at the closing ceremony of the last year's edition, the Festival organizers – members of the Association Kinookus from Dubrovnik – have prepared a number of innovations and distinguished guests for this year’s audience in Ston, including  film industry luminaries and world renowned chefs. In this year’s competition classification Cinexperience more than forty documentary and feature films from around the world will be competing for the Big and Small Oyster (awards for best feature and best short film).

Thanks to the generous cooperation of Rendez-vous, the Festival of France in Croatia, French cinema and gastronomy will be well-represented at Kinookus FFF, which will place special emphasis on the famous French tradition of bread and baked goods (pastry). The Kinookus FFF will feature well-known French chef Xavier Hamon who will share his culinary philosophy, along with thoughts on contemporary French gastronomy and the tradition of bread.

The sixth edition of Kinookus continues its collaboration with Richard Gruica, an American chef of Croatian origin, who spreads the philosophy of good food in the United States of America through his organisation Good Eats and Meets. This year, Richard is bringing a special guest, one of the most interesting chefs working today: the Irish chef, and art historian, JP McMahon. JP is a culinary director of the EatGalway group of restaurants, which includes  the famous Cava Bodega and Aniar. In honour of our esteemed guest, the 6th Kinookus FFF is launching a new section called Taste the Screen (Što na platnu, to na pjatu). The participation of JP McMahon, who is famous for his original approach to food education, will bring new dimensions  to our workshops, aimed at the youngest fetstival participants, within the section Cinexperiment.

This year’s Cinefocus, will bring together representatives of the religious communities of Dubrovnik-Neretva County.  In this section, the audience will get to know the role of food in the religious rituals of different spiritual traditions. In the Rector’s Palace in Ston, an exhibition of bread will be organised in cooperation with Jadranka Ničetić, an expert on the gastronomy of Dubrovnik, The breadmaking traditions of our area will be presented here.

Our guests and visitors will also enjoy an abundant programme at Cinelocus, the market of organic and traditional produce and products at Unseen, the agri-archeological tour, and in the entertainment programme Gramoston.

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