Cinexperiment Workshops for Kids 2015


velika maja i kruh

1. What happens to your body when you eat?
The young will have the opportunity to participate in the workshop created by one of the most famous chefs today, JP McMahon. 
Curator: JP McMahon

2. Maja, Children and Bread 
Different stages of bread-making will be demonstrated through this workshop dedicated to elementary school children. 
Curator: Maja Marković

3. Frangrant Necklaces
Imagine that you have a necklace which scares away mosquitos and moths and draws in ambiable friends! Curator: Maša Žarnić

4. Ojo de Dios Mobili!
An unusual magical rhomboid object – Ojo de Dios, is called “Božje oko” in Croatian. It originates from the ancient natives of Central America! It was given to every child as a gift for their fifth birthday; in order to be their life guardian and protector. 
Curator: Maša Žarnić

5. The Beast of Pelješac
In case you didn't know, Pelješac is full of interesting beasts. They hide in the olive trees and in the blacberry bushes; some are dangerous and some are not. Who knows which ones we will draw and frame! 
Curator: Maša Žarnić