velika otvorenje

With the opening of the Cinelocus Market at 9 a.m. today in front of the Rector’s Palace the 6th Kinookus Food Film Festival started this year entitled “Bread and Spirit”. The spiritual aspect of food, its symbolism in the everyday life and its role in rituals and festivities, with a special attention paid to the tradition of bread, are the focal topics of all the Festival sections.

At 10 a.m. the first creative Cinexperiment workshops for children titled The Beast of Pelješac started. The curator and author of this workshop was Maša Žarnić. The children were separately drawing different parts of an imaginary creature, which were then joined into a beast framing it with the twigs from the beaches of Pelješac.

At 7 p.m. the official programme of the opening ceremony started by opening the exhibition The Bread on Top of the Round Bread dedicated to traditional bread from our region. The exhibition was organised by a member of Kinookus Ana Marinković in cooperation with a great connoisseur of Dubrovnik gastronomy Jadranka Ničetić, an artist from Dubrovnik Luko Piplica, and a custodian of the House of Bukovac in Cavtat Lucija Vuković. After an interesting and informative lecture given by Jadranka Ničetić,  and focusing on every displayed bread Ivana Oraić Rabušić from the Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics introduced to the audience the origins of terminology regarding the traditional bread.

At the short opening ceremony Vedran Antunica, the Municipal Mayor of Ston, Davorko Obuljen, Deputy Prefect of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County welcomed the Festival and greeted the audience and Marijan Kocković, the Director of the Festival proclaimed the 6th FFF opened. The competition for the Large and Small Oyster award was opened by the film Hadwin’s Judgement directed by Sashe Snow whose story deeply touched the audience.

After the film the audience enjoyed the buffet prepared and coordinated on behalf of the Slow Food Convivium Dubrovnik by Ana Bitanga Jukić, as well as wine tasting where the small-scale wine makers from Pelješac presented their produce and jazz music by Garden Street Quartet.