Marta Baće


Born in Dubrovnik on June 12, 1974.

Graduated in 1996 from the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb, course Textile and Wear Design under the mentorship of professor Ratko Janjic, subject "Fashion Illustration".

After having taken her degrees, started to work as a designer in the firm "Zlatni mrav" (Golden Ant) where she got acquainted with all stages of children and sportswear manufacturing. Moving to Print Studio ltd., a very successful firm concerned in a large range of graphic activities, gets a post of the textile sector leader where she improves her knowledge of machine embroidery.

After a seven year experience in her training, having collected practical knowledge in all textile domains she decided to start her own business. She opened Studio "APLIKA" in Dubrovnik with the aim to encourage the development of this branch of industry in the south of Croatia.

In Kinookus Marta develops and works out the Associations' merchandising.